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There are of course, many different methods of advertising, and Television, Radio, and Newspaper are amongst the most popular methods.  When considering advertising strategies for your company, what do you consider?  Cost?  Timeline?  Simplicity?  And of course, the number of people your ad will reach, i.e; the effectiveness? 

While TV, Radio and Newspapers are all popular methods of advertising, they all require some help from their targeted audiences (unlike vehicle graphics).  They first need YOU to turn on the TV (and not fast forward through the commercials on your TiVo), turn the radio on (and not switch stations during commercial breaks), and to purchase a newspaper (and read enough of it to find your ad).  People do each of these things every day, but not everyone does, and the amount of time they spend doing each is limited.

Advertising via custom vehicle graphics is quickly becoming one of the most effective methods of advertising available. Car advertising will reach every single person who has their eyes open and is on the road, near the road or in sight of the road!  Vinyl wraps can be installed on any type of vehicle, anywhere in the country by Ads On Wheels http://www.adsonwheels.com/ Graphics can range from small decals to full vehicle wraps, and the more noticeable your ad is, the more people’s eyes you’ll catch as you’re driving down the road or parked on the side of the road. 

You’ve seen car advertising before, and because most of us are visual learners, you took a mental note of that vehicle and that business name.  Don’t you want that to be your business name?

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