As a woman, I know how useful bags are to me. I love bags and I love bargains. My little shopping adventures are considered worthwhile if I find a great fashion item whether it’s that perfect clinch belt or that suede pumps or that divine dress. I’m considered blessed if I go on these adventures and manage to get all these items at bargain or discounted prices. I return home with a big smile on my face-happy and contented. The same feeling I get when I purchase items such as tote bags, hair accessories and even a scarf. No matter how small it may seem, getting my designer discount tote bag or even that beautiful cashmere scarf at a discount price is worth the journey to the mall- and definitely value for my money.

Women love the appearance of designer tote bags as well as the quality that comes with it. Some of the famous sought after brands in tote bags are such as the Prada Tessuto Large Tote Bag, the Black Prada Logo Jacquard Tote as well as the Coach Signature East/west Gallery Tote Bag. But the thing is, not all women can afford such high priced items and realizing this, a lot of retailers are now stocking up on designer discount totes.

There are many different places where a savvy shopper can go looking for that perfect designer handbag without burning a hole in their pockets, or purses. Online retailers have jumped into the market of supplying and feeding the demand for discount totes that come in various brands, types, designs, colors and styles. And this is how I purchased my very own favorite tote that I practically carry everywhere- because I love it and because I got it half the price.

Online stores are the best places where you can be guaranteed of finding a designer discount tote that have deep discounts on a wide variety of popular, high-end designer merchandise. But the amount of online retailers selling tote bags, it is wise if you did a price comparison among the online stores. When I found the discount tote that I wanted, the first thing I did was to call/email their customer service division. I evaluate an online store based on their customer service replies. Stores that handle business dealings will normally give prompt replies to queries by customers- and mine did.

The next thing I did once I found the tote of choice, was to Google it up and find out if other stores are selling the same bag. Not many did and the ones that did offered much higher prices than the store I was rooting for. So once the price check was done and so was the customer service, I was ready to make my purchase, with fingers crossed so that my trendy designer discount tote bag would arrive as who I saw in the images and comes undamaged. The checkout icon was clicked and my purchase through credit card was made. Now all I had to do was wait for three days to get my hands on my precious. And I did. So that’s how I snagged my designer discount tote bag. I’m now walking all about town with my discount purchase with a smile of confidence and content.

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