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For 60% of businesses still purchasing janitorial supplies from more than one company, VIP Clean offers a comprehensive catalogue of products which could help businesses save time, money, and delivery charges.

London, United Kingdom, October 22nd, 2010- VIP Clean emerges as the one solution provider for nearly 60% of the businesses and organisations in the UK spending a fortune behind janitorial supplies by purchasing it from more than one supplier, thereby significantly increasing delivery costs, as well as causing additional inconvenience and delay.

VIP Clean has been supplying industrial cleaning products and janitorial supplies since 1987, and has one of the largest ranges of industrial cleaning products and commercial cleaning products in the UK, including a range of heavy duty industrial cleaning products such as anti-graffiti spraying and chemicals.

Their range of janitorial supplies is wide enough to provide the opportunity for businesses to place one single order, saving time, delivery costs, and the increasing convenience. In addition to providing a wide range of janitorial supplies VIP Clean is also pleased to offer advice and recommendations to anyone who is unsure about which particular products are most suited to their particular needs.

VIP Clean is also able to offer its own range of janitorial supplies and cleaning products, all of which are environmental friendly, and labelled under the Green Valley range of products. For businesses and organisations looking to purchase affordable janitorial supplies, orders can be placed online, over the telephone, and collected in person at their showroom, where a wide range of their products can be browsed.

Find out more about the wide range of janitorial supplies and cleaning products at http://www.vipclean.co.uk/

About VIP Clean
VIP Clean has been providing janitorial supplies and cleaning equipment since 1987, and have one of the most comprehensive ranges of cleaning products in the UK.

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