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25 Aug

Brazilian website has recently unveiled an in-depth analysis about the online English language course created by English professor Jerry Costa. According to the spokesperson at the main purpose of posting the news about the online English course was to inform people about it and how anyone can learn English better by undertaking the course.


He also added, “We have discussed about the online course Jerry English by one of the top English professor Mr. Jerry Costa and how it can benefit English learners. We are not saying that this online course is the best but we would definitely recommend the course for consideration.”


He was quick in expressing the view that online learning has become the most desirable method of learning in the current scenario. He added, “There are some prime pointers of opting to learning things online and people should feel very fortunate about it. Online courses are advantageous for people who do not get enough time to study but are enthusiastic about learning. Besides, online learning is way cheaper as compared to studying in an institute.”


It may be noted that since the availability of internet technology to people the world is becoming a very close space wherein people can learn from one another instantly. The field of online learning has developed so much that people have started to enroll for online classes in their desired course.


A recent market research concluded that Brazil has a very low percentage of population that is fluent in speaking and understanding English. This data does not seem to reflect Brazil’s position of being a country with numerous language schools.


Another report revealed that the country has more than 10,000 schools and training institutes teaching over 20 million students the art of speaking and communicating in English language. Judging by this, it is fair to say that the need for learning English has never been so unprecedented. For more details go to  


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