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Couples looking for great new wedding photography tips would do well to check out a new online company which offers a unique service that gives them the chance to capture every moment of their special day.

Berkshire, United Kingdom, 17th June 2010 – A growing number of couples looking to plan their wedding are searching for wedding photography tips, aware that modern technology has opened the door to a range of options not previously possible. In the past newly weds have sought the services of a single professional photographer, and this has often been the only source of photographic records of the day.
One of the popular wedding photography tips in recent years has been the use of disposable cameras providing couples the chance to have guests help to capture much more of the day. However, yet another new alternative is now available thanks to a company called Shoebox360, adding yet another great idea to the growing list of wedding photography tips helping couples capture more of their wedding day for posterity.
Shoebox360 provides couples with a secure, private online 'shoebox' and a security key. This key can be given to as many guests as they choose, and with this key guests can then upload their own high quality, high resolution digital photographs taken on their own cameras.
Couples can view the photographs online, download or print any they choose, and have the complete gallery copied to DVD, with the option to have special photographs made into a beautiful canvas artwork. As far as wedding photography tips are concerned, Shoebox360 has come up with a great idea, giving couples the chance to have their eventful day recorded from every possible angle and in high quality.
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Shoebox360 is a unique online facility for sharing and storing high quality, high resolution photographs of special occasions such as weddings.

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