If you are a native of Escondido, California and are looking for key word weight loss techniques, it may be time to try some helpful tips that other resident's insist have helped them reach their weight loss goals in 2009.

First, we all know that good water consumption leads to key word weight loss, after all, your body is mostly made up of water. Therefore, after breakfast in the morning, dedicate yourself to drinking water all day. Cut out all soft drinks, high calorie coffee drinks, and limit your alcohol consumption. These are all empty calories that provide no nutritional value to your body and when done in excess can pack on the pounds.

Next, buy a pedometer and commit to taking an extra 2000 steps per day. Residents of Escondido have the benefit of having fantastic weather year round, take advantage of that sunshine and get outdoors. If you are too busy to squeeze in a walk during the day, park at the back of a parking lot when running errands or take the steps instead of an elevator in a building. This will help get you more exercise and will contribute to weight loss.

Another great tip is to get rid of all the "fat" clothes in your closet. Focus on fitting into the clothes that are in smaller sizes and once you achieve this, get rid of the larger sizes in your closet and vow to never need them again.

At dinner time, a great tip that many people use is to use smaller dinner plates. Currently, many of us use large dinner plates and fill them up with food. Mentally we are encouraged to eat more because of the size of the plate. Use a smaller plate instead and put less food on it, you will find that your brain will want to eat less and you will feel full over the smaller portion.

An interesting tip that some people have said they use is to actually put a mirror across from where you eat. Studies show that you will eat less when you actually have to watch yourself do it. You mentally will program yourself to stop eating sooner at the risk of looking like you are overindulging.

Finally, commit to eating ninety percent of your meals at home. Restaurant food, while it may be an easy, quick option to those people who have busy schedules, is actually filled with fat simply because most restaurants use cooking techniques that are inexpensive and quick. When you cook at home you can use better, lower fat cooking methods, thus controlling the calories you consume.

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