One of the things about blogging that is exhausting and time consuming is the need to link each and every keyword manually from the post. With the Free WP affiliate plugin you can automatically link keywords without having to manually select and link them. The good part is that you can also turn of the feature in case there is a blog post that you want to work on manually. You can also limit the number of keywords linked in a particular blog post, which is great for SEO enabled content on your site.

After writing a blog most, the most tiresome part is zeroing on your keywords and linking them for maximum clicks and conversion, as any frequent blogger will tell you, this process takes close to forever complete. Now all is changed for the better with the new free WP affiliate plugin from the folks over the affiliate linked.

This free WP affiliate plugin is a WordPress plugin and is a great complement to the WordPress themes and blogs. The best part of this is that if you want it for one single site you can get the plug in free courtesy of Royal Universe Shopping, but then so is the multi-site license and the developer license.

Others users have found that this little tool saves them so much time and trouble when they are working on their sites, others have noticed a significant increase in clicks and traffic, along with the most important part for any serious blogger ““ conversions.

The tool can be uploaded on your WordPress site and activated directly, it is compatible with all versions of WordPress, and it also allows you to edit ALT tabs, anchor links, keywords, and comes with a host of other features which positively affect your rankings.

The single site license allows you to install the tool only on one site or domain or blog at a time. The multiple site licenses allow one to install the free WP affiliate plugin on multiple domains and blogs all with a single purchase. The Developer license allows one to use this with any themes that are designed by you, you can also sell the plug-in as part of any of the themes that you market as a developer, and it comes with the same features of the multi-site plug-in.

All the versions come with lifetime upgrades, updates and support, and the support offered by the site is par excellence. What more can you ask to form a little piece of software that does so much.

In order to download the Free WP affiliate plugin, all you need to do is click on the version that you want to install and you will get a zip file on your system. Unzip this file and click on the “Ëœreadme’ word document for installation instructions so as to install the plug-in; do remember to thank the folks at the Royalty Universe Shopping for providing this tool free of cost. This is the best tool for bloggers and floggers alike till time, so grab your Free WP affiliate plugin before there comes a change and we have to pay charges for it.

Free WP affiliate plugin saves your lot of time and efforts by linking keywords automatically. Learn more about affiliate plugin by visiting us at the provided link.

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