It is important to know what to look for in Manuka Honey in order to take advantage of all its health benefits. Not all Manuka Honey is medicinal!

Manuka Honey is world renowned for its extraordinary healing properties. Due to certain plant-derived components, this unique type of honey contains natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties not found in other types of honey. It also contains more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants than ordinary honey.

Not all Manuka Honey is created equal. Manuka Honey's antibacterial potency varies from batch-to-batch, predicated on the amount of floral nectar used by the honeybees during the production stage. The only way to know for sure if a particular batch of Manuka Honey is active and suitable for therapeutic use is if it's laboratory tested.

Only active, UMF Manuka Honey will yield the same results that people have come to expect of Manuka Honey. UMF is an acronym for Unique Manuka Factor and is usually followed by a number which indicates the antibacterial strength of the honey. UMF is the authorized seal and registered trademark of the Active Manuka Honey Association in New Zealand. This trademark can only be applied to the label of honey with a laboratory test result of UMF 10 or higher.

Only Manuka Honey that is regulated by the Active Manuka Honey Association can bare the UMF trademark. A jar of Manuka Honey that is labeled as being "active" followed by a number does not provide a guarantee that it is as potent as advertised. For example, if the label indicates, "active 10", the number is borrowed from the UMF rating system but because the honey is not regulated by the Active Manuka Honey Association, that particular brand cannot legally use the UMF trademark. Therefore, it is unknown if the honey was laboratory tested for its antibacterial potency.

To be certain of the potency, a jar of Manuka Honey should indicate the UMF trademark and a number of 10 or higher (i.e. UMF 16). It's also important to know that in the U.S., the FDA does not regard honey of any kind as being active. If the label of a jar of Manuka Honey says, "active" it is in violation of FDA regulations.

Honeymark is an importer of Manuka Honey and a manufacturer of natural Manuka Honey skin care products. Honeymark brand Manuka Honey meets the following standards:

1. Regulated by the Active Manuka Honey Association in New Zealand;
2. Laboratory tested for its antibacterial potency;
3. Certified UMF 16+ active, medical-grade;
4. 100% pure, raw and unprocessed;
5. Bottled and labeled in New Zealand.

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