Travelers who have stayed at Hotel De L Abbaye give their word for its hospitality, warmth, beautiful surroundings, estate-like setting and ideal location. It is a hotel that has a rich history and offers travelers more than just a beautiful place to stay.

Hotel De L Abbaye Saint Germain Paris was designed by Michael Boyer, a famous Parisian architect and designer. It was initially a convent built during the 18th century. Thereafter, the place was converted into a hotel.

Most visitors are attracted to the old charm of Hotel De L Abbaye. Michael Boyer went to great lengths to ensure that each room and suite had its own unique charm and character.

Duplex Apartments

There are four duplex apartments in Hotel Abbaye. The apartments have their own private terrace. From these terraces, visitors can enjoy the wonderful view of the Parisian buildings around the hotel. Having dinner or breakfast on the terrace is something that visitors cherish.

Each of these duplex apartments is furnished with antique furnishing. They are very comfortable and charming. Though the rooms in Hotel De L Abbaye have an old Parisian feel to them, they are equipped with the latest amenities. Each room or apartment has a Wi-Fi internet connection and a phone connection. Each duplex apartment also has a LCD television on which visitors can watch international news and entertainment programs.

Besides the duplex apartments, there are junior suites and deluxe and classic rooms in Hotel De L Abbaye Paris. There are four junior suites of which two provide a beautiful view of the garden. They are fitted with bright curtains, floral patterned wallpaper, ornate mirrors and comfortable beds.


The garden is another great attraction of Hotel De L Abbaye. It is filled with greenery, flowers and fresh air. It is a place where visitors can enjoy a quiet breakfast or lunch and is ideal for catching up on reading. You can sit here with a book and time will fly by.


Its lounges and bar are also popular. Visitors find themselves surrounded by comfort, serene atmosphere, and beautifully decorated private spaces.

The lounge is a great place to have breakfast or tea. It is also a place where visitors can mix with the other guests. After a hectic day of sightseeing or shopping, guests love to unwind in the lounge or bar. The bar serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Hotel De L Abbaye offers a great dining experience. Those who prefer to dine out will find that there is no shortage of choice. The hotel is close to Caf de Flore and Caf des Deux Magots, where great writers like Hemingway, Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir wrote some of their masterpieces.

To sum up, Hotel De L Abbaye is a luxurious hotel that has classical charm and beauty and modern service and amenities. offers complete information about Hotel De L Abbaye. Here visitors can learn what amenities and services at Hotel Abbaye. Visitors can also use this site to book their stay.

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