(Submit Articles) I start this article with the prayer to God for your long life.

We all want to live long ““ happily & healthy. Who don't want to? After all, we love our life, our family members & friends and have lots of reason to live. We dream of fulfilling our responsibilities, e.g., dreaming of seeing your child as Doctor, marriage of your daughter, travelling in beautiful country with your spouse on retirement. Nice dream. 🙂

But, HELLO , have you ever thought ““ what happens to your family members life, if you die today. After all, no one knows the longevity of life.

No one can fill the emotional gap after your death. But you must ensure that your family should not suffer financially after you leave them.

So, here is the top 15 tasks to-do for today.

* Keep all your investment & insurance documents at one place and tell tour spouse about that.

* Attach the visiting card of your insurance agent / financial planner along with documents. She might need their help while submitting the required documents in companies to get death claim amount.

* On a separate sheet of paper, write your insurance company name, branch address, phone no., fax no., email id & insurance ombudsman (if required) contact details. Certain insurance companies allows to deal with any of their branches while some limits the customer to deal with base branch i.e. the branch from where you've purchased the policy.

* Tell her to contact the insurance company on phone within 30 days of death to claim for death claim amount and then for submitting documents.

* Be sure you've mentioned the nominee name clearly & without any spelling mistake in all insurance policies, mutual fund investments, post office schemes, bank accounts, fixed deposits, PPF etc. You can verify it from your policy bond or calling the customer care department of respective companies.

* Make a photocopy of your ID and date of birth proof and place them along with all investment documents. Insurance companies ask for them for death claim. Make sure, your date of birth documents shows the "exact" date which you've mentioned in application forms. Insurance companies can "reject" the claim if they found that you've given them wrong information.

* Teach your wife the basics of investments & savings like checking bank balance, requesting duplicate cheque book & bank statement, checking bank balance online, preventing credit card fraud, phishing etc. Apart from that, teach her how to pay electricity, water & phone bills, school fees. She will feel helpless in absence of these basics.

* Tell her in brief how & where to invest the money without risk, she will get from insurance company. After all, that's her last source of income to full fill all responsibilities and to meet her day-to-day expenses.

* Write and register your will. That will avoid any kind of legal dispute between family members.

* List all your bank accounts, credit cards, demat a/c to close. Tell her to transfer your shares to her demat a/c before closing.

* If the death is due to accident, FIR copy is mandatory to attach to get any insurance claim.

* If you hold any policy with Premium Waiver Benefit Rider (PWB), tell her the benefit of that. The company will pay all future premiums of that policy as mentioned in policy bond.

* Mention all your locker details, key, branch address, password & its contents.

* Before giving any original document to any authority like insurance company, always keep photocopy of them.

* Last but not the least, start acting today. You might not able to see tomorrow.

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