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06 Jan

(Submit Articles) The market is becoming more and more competitive each day. Businesses are striving to look for means on how to get across to their customers. Competition among similar businesses is currently booming as many marketing tools are introduced. With competition getting stiffer and stiffer each day, and advertising getting more expensive, business persons need to look for cost effective means to get the word out on their high quality products or services out there. Aside from the usual and popular marketing tools like flyers, business cards, newsletters, brochures and posters, one simple yet equally effective marketing tool that can help get the most effective advertising at the least expense is bookmark printing.

Bookmarks are dual purpose. For your company purpose, it can promote your products and services and even your business in general by adding some content in it and other company relevant information. For customer benefit, not only can it inform about your business existence, but it can also be a book buddy.

If you intend to use bookmarks as part of your marketing tools, here is a list of free online marketing tool templates you can use:

- Marketing Land. For people looking for a quick and easy way to make print bookmarks with no software needed, the free bookmark maker from this site is a good choice. They have starter templates that you can use from scratch. The templates are available in Photoshop and Illustrator format. The Illustrator format is available in 8-up layout and works with Avery paper, and 10-up layout that work with pre-cut templates. The Photoshop format comes in single layout only. They have a fixed size for a bookmark project; but you can also enlarge or reduce it depending on your preference.

- Free printable bookmarks. This site offers free marketing templates, but with a twist. The free template has the URL of the site printed in small font on the final print out. The URL cannot be edited out. For a small fee, you can also get the same template, minus the URL. There are lots of designs to choose from, you simply need to decide whether to get the free or the paid version. Of course the paid version is of higher quality and good unique designs compared to the free versions.

- Microsoft Office online bookmark. Microsoft also offers online marketing templates that are ready for print. You won’t need to look for a cheap bookmark printing shop for printing. There are basically a lot of designs and layouts to choose from. Both horizontal and vertical layouts are available. There are templates that come as a single bookmark design and others that come in 10-up layout. Just be sure to check the program used for the templates to see if it is supported by your computer.

- Google Docs. If you use Google Docs, there are marketing templates there that you can personalize. You simply key in your own contact details and you have your own simple bookmark. These templates make use of very simple graphic elements and are available in several layouts.

- HP business cards. HP has a lot of free marketing tools templates available in Microsoft Word format and in horizontal or vertical layout. Each of these templates is ready to be personalized, just supply your contact information and then print it.

These are just some of the websites that offer free bookmark templates online. There are many other bookmark printing companies that have free templates. Most of them allow for customization and in-house designers to help you in the design process.

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