No one likes an overstuffed house. Too much furniture not only cramps the living space, but also creates a negative, unwelcoming environment all around. When things become too much, and you feel as if you are living for the belongings, rather than the other way around, then it’s time to shift gears and hire a Oakland Self Storage Facility. Here are some of the many advantages of leasing a storing unit:


Things, big or small, pricy or cheap, need to be stored in a secure environment, especially if you are paying for the storage space. Fortunately, good Oakland Self Storage Facilities offer top class security, i.e., they install state-of-the-art equipment all over the premises, to ensure the whole building is protected. These equipments include CCTVs, vigilance cameras, alarm systems, and the like. Apart from this, the warehouses also make use of digital electronic fingerprinting systems, normally used at the gates, to ensure access only to the customer.

Also, almost all facilities rely on the conventional means to protect the premises. These methods include, hiring security guards for 24/7 patrolling, using barbed wires and fences, using watch dogs, and padlocks for the individual units.


These units are run by professionally trained individuals, who know how to take care of the different variety of goods stored in the units. Hence, they clean goods keeping in mind their texture and vulnerabilities. Moreover, to make sure that the items remain termite and pest free, the cleaning staff sprays disinfectants on regular bases. The floors too are mopped daily with sanitizers. Apart from this, the drainage system is kept dirt free and well covered, so as to avoid the growth of organisms.

Weather Controlled Units:

There are certain goods that require to be kept in specific temperatures; anything that exceeds the level can damage those goods permanently. For that matter, an Oakland Self Storage Facility offers climate controlled units. These units have regulators that keep the temperature maintained inside the unit, make the air dry, and also restrict the dampness. In addition, for extra consistency, these units are insulated.

Weather controlled spaces are best to store items such as gadgets, wooden furniture, documents, clothing, papers, and the like.

Transferring Goods To And From The Facility

If you do not possess a vehicle or have insufficient time to transport your goods to the warehouse, then needn’tworry. Every good Oakland Self Storage Facility offers packing and moving services on an additional rate. The warehouses have professional movers and packers, who go to the customer’s house, expertly pack all their belongings, and move them to the warehouse with the help of pickup trucks. Apart from this, some of these facilities also offer mail box services.

To summarize, try to get as much information as you can about security, and cleanliness standards maintained by an Oakland Self Storage Facility, before hiring its services. The more you investigate about these warehouses, better will be your chances of getting a genuinely good Oakland Self Storage Facility. Hence, take your time.

An Oakland Self Storage Facility offers several different kinds of units, catering to the varied customer needs.

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