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Casement windows offer a wide range of benefits and advantages over existing windows. Marvin Architectural is pleased to be able to offer their high quality casement windows to customers in the UK.

Ireland, United Kingdom, September 14th, 2010 - Marvin Architectural (http://www.marvin-architectural.com) is pleased to provide a wide range of exceptional quality casement windows for use within new-build properties, renovated properties, extensions, redevelopments, or for replacing existing windows. Casement Windows from Marvin Architectural are of the highest standard, using quality wood and materials which provide both an excellent fit and a beautiful and very attractive window feature.

Apart from the aesthetic touch, casement windows from Marvin Architectural have gained prominence in the market for its flexible nature. Unlike other windows, casement windows are not rigid. As casement windows are operated using a handle or winch which is placed at a convenient height, casement windows can be installed in locations which may be otherwise hard to reach such as landings, above sinks, above units or work services and in other locations where traditional windows could not be opened or accessed conveniently.

Ventilation and security are the two other reasons for choosing Casement windows from Marvin Architectural. Their casement windows open out fully forming a fin which directs airflow into the property. Another advantage of Casement windows is that they represent one of the best forms of window as far as security is concerned. The locks within a casement window are shaped in the form of a hook and remain within the framework of the window itself, meaning that they are completely inaccessible. Casement windows can only be opened from the inside using the winch or handle provided.

For more information about the range of casement windows which they can provide, visit http://www.marvin-architectural.com/casement-and-awning.html

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