Link building is one of the most effective and affordable online marketing strategies available. In times of economic recession, you should be seeking out the services of a link building company to ensure you keep your name front of mind for potential customers.

If you’ve done any reading of the business pages lately, you’ve probably found lots of tips on how to survive the recession. The consensus across these articles is that you should not give up on your efforts to market your company. Your competitors will quickly take over any ground you give up in the publicity race.

So, how can you continue to market when you have a limited budget? Try search engine optimization (SEO). A recent article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer provided some great tips on how to use simple SEO techniques to improve your company’s organic search engine results. (Organic indicates that you appear high in search engine rankings naturally, and have not paid to be there.) The article suggests that you improve your Web site content and also build a web of links from other sites.

One thing the article does not mention is that link building is becoming an increasingly important factor in SEO. In fact, writer Ron Callari believes that in 2009, Google will shift its algorithm to 90% links and only 10% page content.

Clearly, link building is the way to go. But how do you get started? A few years ago, a simple link exchange with partners and clients was considered a good way to begin. The situation has changed in the last little while, and link building is considerably more involved than it once was.

When you build links you substantially increase the possibility of getting quality traffic on your website. By quality traffic it means that only those people make the visit to your website that either have same nature of business, or are interested in purchasing your products and services. This directly has affect on the sales with your sales chart taking an up swing.

Another big advantage which is related to the previous one is that when quality traffic pours to your website, your website would seen as a serious business place over the online market, and people would flock on your website yielding you prolific gains. What’s more, when you indulge in the link building process, you are in a way generating high powered online visibility, and making people aware about your products and services. In fact, it’d not be wrong to say that link building makes your website more credible.

Linking is a simple technique that helps both visitors and search engines alike find your site. Relevant links will pull traffic to your site, the more relevant the links, the more visibility you will earn, whereas irrelevant links will negatively impact your website, often leading to a lower ranking if any at all.

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