World-Class Marinas Could Increase Demand For Dalaman Airport Transfers

19 Mar

Turkey’s world-class marinas, which have progressively been attracting the attention of tourists the world over, are expected to bring about an increase in the demand for Dalaman airport transfers in 2014, according to specialists. 

As one of Turkey’s main airports, Dalaman will be the Turkish landing point for a significant percentage of foreigners headed for such locations as Palmarina (the most recent Turkish marina, open in 2013 in Yalikavak-Bodrum), D-Man Marinas (the country’s largest) at Göcek and Didim, or one of the several Setur marinas. Each of these properties has been increasingly favoured by the Turkish upper class over the years, and it is only natural they should begin attracting wealthy foreigners as well. 

Most of this interest may well stem from the World Marine Conference, which the Turkish capital, Istanbul, is hosting in July of this year. This event is expected to make its international visitors fully aware of Turkey’s stunning marinas, and may well contribute to the predicted rise in demand for Dalaman airport transfers in upcoming years. 

As a pre-emptive measure to anticipate the rise in demand, the Turkish government is planning to open a number of new marinas before 2023, which should hopefully help cope with the expected volume of demand and avoid over-crowding of the existing locations. Each of these new spaces is also expected to attract a considerable amount of luxury and upmarket shops and eateries, which could also help boost the Turkish economy as a whole. Proposed locations for the new marinas include Bodrum and Göcek, already fashionable spaces among the sailing crowd, where marinas would only provide the missing piece. 

Services regularly fly into Dalaman airport from a number of British locations, including Birmingham, the East Midlands and Manchester. Dalaman airport transfers can then be used to reach a number of locations around the area. 

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