European River Cruises Not Just For Those ‘Slowing Down’, Says Travel Writer

19 Mar

In a recent article for Canadian news outlet The Record, a staff travel writer posited that, contrary to popular misconception, European river cruises were not simply for older holidaymakers wanting a slower and more relaxed holiday.

According to the writer in question, this mistaken assumption arose from the high percentage of older tourists opting for European river cruises, with the average age for one of these holidays sitting at around fifty to sixty years old. This fact led many people to assume that this type of cruise would only appeal to an older demographic, no longer capable of keeping up with the party-heavy lifestyle of seafaring cruise ships.

The author of the piece goes on to explain that, much to the contrary, European river cruises can be just as vibrant as seafaring cruises, if not more. As evidence, she uses her own barge cruise, along the Danube, during the course of which she indulged in several activities that could rival the most active holidays. Highlights, according to the writer, included going on a pub crawl, playing an active part in a musical concert, and being serenaded by her cruise leader.

Similarly, the travel expert makes a point of mentioning how active and enthusiastic her cruise-mates were. Although most were within the age bracket normally associated with this type of cruise, they were the farthest thing from slow or accommodated, according to the writer’s own words. Instead, they were raring to go every morning, eagerly anticipated the day’s next adventure, and even had energy left for the evening dances!

The author concludes by saying that the pacing of these cruises is ideal, never rushing from one point to the next but instead allowing guests to explore their locations in the daytime guided tours and relax in their cabins or the common area in the evening.

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