Reno, NV, Feb 19, “Ëœ10- Western Renewable Energy Analysts Inc. (WREA Inc.), a company specializing in engineering services for the Power Generation and Transmission sector, including Utilities, announced support tools for Greenhouse Gas Inventorying and Management through an resale agreement with Papros Inc. for EMSPSRO(TM). It also offers computations of combined cycle efficiencies and emissions distributions for Cogeneration plants. It supports advanced computation and record keeping requirements and enterprise wide carbon equivalence accounting.

EMSPRO(TM) is a highly in-depth program that tracks the entire footprint of a facility or organization or entity. It is a highly scalable program in that it can be used by the largest of organizations or by governments, yet it can also be used by small entities. This is because it maintains only as much data as needed. For facilities generating energy it can tract annual, daily or hourly greenhouse, gas emissions for any type of source. Unique fuel codes allow users to personalize emission factors based on tested heating values or carbon content or use default emission factors. The program also helps track multimedia waste streams including hazardous wastes, if needed. Safety procedures and inspections and audits are also covered. EMSPRO also provides for comparisons of various potential operating scenarios for any or all process and thus finds optimized solutions to complex problems.

Recognizing that each facility has unique requirements because of the combination of existing equipment, monitoring devices and data gathering ability, WREA Inc. is able to offer unique solutions to each facility by uniquely matching the data input types and record keeping requirements with verifiable calculations and procedures in an easy-to-use and robust manner. In addition, the experience of WREA Inc. in Cogeneration plants enables it to offer specialized assistance to facilities to optimize combined cycle efficiencies to suit the needs at each specific facility. Additionally, services are offered in optimally using the most appropriate computational procedure that, once chosen, must be used as a baseline for future years. WREA Inc. solutions thus offer adaptability, economy and scalability in size and performance.

WREA Inc. is an organization that has focused on the renewable energy sector by looking at all phases of the industry and executing those aspects into individual projects. A few key components are permitting, compliance, power purchase agreements, and transmission studies. WREA Inc. has managed and implemented a number of these components into a multitude of renewable energy companies. A key component in any of today’s industry is the carbon footprint associated with the company. WREA Inc. through its agreement for deployment of time-tested enterprise pollutant tracking software EMSPRO(TM), offers highly sophisticated and economical solutions to track companies’ carbon footprints.

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