Ink cartridges are replaceable parts of inkjet printers that contain ink. This ink is spread on paper while printing. Each ink cartridge has one or more partitioned ink reservoirs. Some cartridges also have electronic contacts and a chip that communicates with the printer. Usually, two separate cartridges are put in a printer; one contains black ink and the other contains each of the three primary colors. However, each primary color can also contain a separate cartridge. Some cartridges have ink that is specially made for printing photographs.


Inkjet cartridges give many choices to the customers. There are dual cartridge options now available, which give impressive printouts. Customers can even customize cartridges depending on their printing needs and patterns. Suppliers of ink cartridges also sell toner cartridges for almost all models of inkjet and laser printers in the market today. There is a wide array of printer inkjet cartridges, ink refills, laser toners, toner refills, and many other printing supplies and accessories available at low prices on the Internet. One can find high quality cartridges and laser toners online to fulfill the printing needs.
One can also shop online for printer ink cartridges, fax toner cartridges, or other accessories like ink refill kits and get products that print to the highest performance and quality standards possible. Customers can also expect online customer service and support. The online shopping options are a quick, easy, and stress-free choice because most of these suppliers offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all products.

Other Services

Most of the manufacturers, who sell ink cartridges, also provide printer servicing. The printer repair services include laser, solid ink, matrix, and line and band printers. Big organizations can also avail printer repair vouchers, printer installation, and re-location services at these shops. On-site printer service is quite in demand these days. The printer service options include cleaning the printer inside out, carrying out minor and major printer repairs, adjusting and lubricating the moving parts in the printer, and reconditioning printer pick up rollers and paper transport assembly.

Copier Toner Cartridges

These cartridges provide copying of both text and graphics. One can be assured of clean and sharp edges while copying. The copier cartridges available in the market these days require lesser replacement and promise better productivity.


Ink cartridges can be recycled. This helps in reducing the amount of plastic that people put into landfills. Good news is that most cartridges can be recycled up to six times. The recycled cartridges work as good as the new cartridges. Most companies give instructions, provide packing material, and offer free postage for one to recycle the old cartridge.

Some companies charge recycling fee to cover handling, transport, product disassembly, and recycling. Collecting empty printers, fax, ink cartridges and used cell phones is a great fundraiser. People are encouraged these days to collect products that can be recycled for raising funds for day care centers, schools, school sports teams, high school bands, sororities, clubs, fraternities, cheerleading squads, boy scouts and girl, church groups, and charities.

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