Is your License suspended or revoked and have been ordered by the state or courts to complete 12 Hour traffic school course due to being high risk drivers and/or having multiple traffic offenses then you need to take Advanced Driver Improvement(ADI) Course . Advanced Driver Improvement Course is specifically designed for Florida drivers who have received 12 points in 12 months.
This 12 Hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course is mainly designed to change your driving attitude and driving behavior and usually teaches about Traffic Laws, Highway Safety, Advantages of having a good driving record, Accepting responsibility for your behavior, Shows the causes of driving poorly and the consequences, establishing self control.
Advanced Driver Improvement course will help keep your car insurance rates down and can be used to keep points off of your driving record and get your traffic ticket dismissed. Taking 12 hours ADI traffic school course in traditional classrooms is a daunting task, If you are the kind of person whose calendar is fully occupied and that you think you are not able to attend the traffic school classes, no problem! this advanced driver improvement course is done entirely on the web, so all you need is a computer with an internet connection to access it.
Our Florida Online ADI School provides DHSMV approved online 12 Hour ADI course that helps you to get back your suspended or revoked license, complete your ADI course with convenient and affordable way.Florida Advanced Driver Improvement Course is the easiest and fastest way for completing your state or court required 12 Hour Traffic School Course,dismissing your traffic ticket or helping you to reduce your auto insurance premiums and gaining independence through our online Driverâ€â„¢s Education programs.

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