XtractPro Launches Data Xtractor Suite, with Model Xtractor and Query Xtractor

12 Sep

North Vancouver, Canada; 12, September 2016: Data Xtractor suite combines Model Xtractor and Query Xtractor, with more modular applications to come. Combine flexible graphical representations of reverse-engineered data models with complex SQL queries generated with our visual query builder. Design within seconds complex SELECT queries, without even knowing SQL.

Generic vendor-independent interface and universal support for over a dozen database platforms, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL, SQLite and Firebird, cloud databases such as Amazon Redshift and Microsoft SQL Azure Database.

Major Features in Data Xtractor suite 1.0 include:

One-way reverse engineering of most relational databases.
Crow’s Foot, IDEF1X and simplified ER notations.
Enhanced custom or chain relationships, custom table and column aliases.
Support or emulation of SQL pivot/cross tables and grouping sets.
Emulation of intersect/except, extended aggregate functions, ALL/ANY etc, when not implemented.
Extended sort with NULLs first or last in any database.
Learn SQL from generated demo queries or queries you design from scratch.
Type less and let us auto-quote identifiers and handle internal SQL aliases.
Automatic fix of known SQL gotchas, NULL or math problems, vendor-specific inconsistencies.
Switch from nested subqueries to CTEs, for multiple SQL query views.
Use complex window functions.
Auto-detected lookup fields and powerful drill-down on relationships.
Visual effects, with graphic bar columns, same icons for duplicates, unique value detection etc.

For more details on the new software release, please see our presentation screens and the product information.

Then download a free trial of the Data Xtractor suite application.

About XtractPro:

XtractPro is the business name under which Cristian Scutaru, a seasoned software engineer from North Vancouver, Canada BC, is operating. Contact us through [email protected]

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Person Name: Cristian Scutaru
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