More and more businesses in UK are realizing that 0844 numbers help track advertising effectiveness in a simple yet efficient way. A crucial factor that makes an advertisement effective is to clearly communicate to the customers how they can get in touch with your business so they may place an order.

0844 numbers fulfill a dual purpose. First, 0844 numbers tend to be easier to recall than usual numbers and hence customers are more likely to place a call, if only to get more information about the product or service.

Second, customers are charged at a flat rate on calling a 0844 number and this encourages more people to make the call knowing they have nothing to lose.

A business can easily keep track of the effectiveness of its various advertising campaigns by simply advertising a different 0844 number on each. The number of incoming calls on each 0844 number advertised keeps the businesses informed about which campaign are doing better than others.

Research shows that 0844 numbers can generate in the region of 300% more calls from customers than a standard national number. A 0844 number tells your customers, you want them to call and that they are valued.

0844 Numbers thus provide a business with a relatively inexpensive way of knowing which campaigns are generating the majority of the revenue and which need changing or be cancelled completely.

Besides simple tracking of advertising campaigns, 0844 numbers will also help generate more profits since the business earns a rebate for every call placed on the 0844 number.

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