As we all know that fiber optics transmit data using light which must travel unobstructed and without any kind of interference in a straight line to reach the other end. If anything blocks this light beam it bounces and we can lose valuable data or information it is transmitting. In simple words, the efficiency of the fiber optic depends on how well it is maintained and cleaned as dirt and cracks can seriously affect to its working. Fiber optic repair is needed at regular intervals with a good quality fiber optic cleaner. AEFOS is one leading supplier that offers world class fiber optic cleaning systems and fiber optic tools.

When fiber optic develops cracks, it needs to be replaced to ensure smooth data or information transmission. Generally it’s the fiber optic connector’s ferrule, a cylindrical shaped part made of either Zirconia or stainless steel that gets dirty or blocked. It is a very important part of fiber optic system and any blockage in it can hamper the smooth flow of light beam and loss of information. Regular plugging and unplugging can be one reason of why ferrule gathers dust and stains resulting in a blockage. Ferrule should be cleaned on regular basis with the help of a good ferrule cleaner manufactured by a reputed manufacturer like AEFOS. For more information about ferrule cleaner and fiber optic cleaner, you may logon to their website

AEFOS is supplying their patented world class AFC 3000 FIBER OPTIC cleaning system industries ranging from aerospace, telecom, cable, adaptor-connector manufacturers to system integrators all over the world. AFC 3000 is one of the top battery operated fiber optic cleaners available in the market today and requires only 10 minutes training to master its operation. It’s best to clean male and female connectors and its 3 second automatic cleaning cycle is far more efficient than any other fiber optic cleaner made by any others manufacturer. You can count on AEFOS for all your fiber optic cleaning and maintenance requirements. Getting a quote for any of their products, just requires a visit to their website

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