I am sure none of us fully appreciate important role fiber optic technology plays in our daily lives. Based on internal refraction principals it’s the quickest method of transmitting data in the form of light waves. As the data or information is transmitted in shape of signals through optic fiber it becomes resistant to any electromagnetic interference which makes it the safest possible way of transmitting information and data. Nobody can tap into the data due to fiber optic transmission unlike cable where the data is transmitted through copper wires and can be easily tapped.

However, optic fiber needs to be taken care of properly to ensure its smooth functioning as it tends to get damage due to cracks or get contaminated by oil and dust. A regular fiber optic inspection is needed so that the data transmission remains uninterrupted. One of the time tested fiber optic testing tools, Continuity Fiber optic tester is very effective in detecting the faults in fiber optic system. To detect the problem in fiber optic system, Continuity Fiber optic tester makes use of transmission of light. AEFOS is one of the top manufacturers of Continuity Fiber Optic Testers. You can logon to www.aefos.com for more information on their products.

Sometimes the tiny hole of the connector ferrule of fiber optic gets dirty resulting in blocking of the path through which light beam travels. This may result in partial of complete disabling of the fiber optic. To remove these encumbrances and ensuring smooth travel of light waves that carry data you need fiber optic cleaning . To make sure that the cleaning is done properly you have to have proper tools manufactured by a reputed brand.

AEFOS is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic cleaning fiber optic testing tools. Their patented AFC 3000 ferrule cleaning system is one of the best ferrules cleaning system available in the market today. Apart from this, they also design and develop analog and digital microscopes which are handy to use and can detect contamination levels as low as 0.5µm. It has a build in rechargeable battery and can be operated with single hand.

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