Are you stubborn? I mean, are you the kind of person who will keep on doing the same thing even when you know for a fact that you are not getting results? I asked this question because there are business executives who keep on doing the same things even though they are not achieving the results they set forth to achieve in the first place. These kinds of executives are those that are afraid to risk. Although their efforts are not getting the results they want, they still do it for the simple reason that they are afraid to try something new for fear of failing even more.

If you think you are this type of person, well, you better change; otherwise, you would not go anywhere far from where you are currently right now. If you want to be a market leader, then you have to do something drastic to achieve your end results. After reading this article, pause for a while and then do whatever you need to do to change what has not been working for you.

Change, it is argued, is the only permanent thing in this world. As such, there is nothing that cannot change. In fact, change is what everybody needs in order to alter the course of events in oneâ€â„¢s life. This is especially true for marketers and those who are in sales. If you donâ€â„¢t change and just keep on doing the same thing, youâ€â„¢re just going to have the same results over and over again. If you are satisfied with the results then continuously do the same things. But if you want to get more, then do something drastic.

So what should you do to affect change? First, you have to change even before you fail. The point is do not let yourself fail if you know all along that there is something wrong with your strategy. This is the common mistake of marketing executives and business owners– they change only when they see themselves failing in their endeavors. The question now is why you have to wait to fail when you can do something well before you see yourself crashing. Needless to say, do something about it before it is too late.

This is precisely what you should not do when youâ€â„¢re in sales. Do not change only when you are in pain or in a quandary before you make yourself alter your plans. You might not be able to do anything because youâ€â„¢re in so much pain to even move a small bit.

Take the time and effort to look at your marketing strategy last year. Is your business card printing not giving you the ROIs you expect? Or are your business cards not getting the right clients to your business? The bottom line is to not do the same things that failed you last year. Think about the pain and money your marketing collateral caused you. Think about the lost sales and opportunities, the missed chances that highlight your failure with your marketing campaign. Then make that small step to change for the better.

Never stick with strategies that did not work the first time. Reformulate and re-strategize. This is to suggest that if your business cards did not get the rave it so rightfully deserve, then by all means, go back to the drawing board and reformulate the design. Never insist on doing the same thing if it does not yield the results you want. Whatever you do, just always remember to do something and make sure that you change what youâ€â„¢ve been doing for the longest time for the better.

Brent Durell is a marketing officer who writes articles about business campaign projects and print ads solutions such as business card printing.

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