Miracle Sound launches a brilliant new cable pack for guitars

26 Jan

Pack of three cables all have right-angle plugs that make them the perfect accessory for musicians.
UK-based Miracle Sound is proud to announce a pack of three guitar and bass livewire cables. The cables promise pristine quality sound over each of the three guitar cables being launched.

These high quality guitar instrument cables come with plugs that are designed to fit comfortably onto guitars at right angles. The company wanted to deliver top notch quality for musicians and artists who work with guitars professionally. As such, the cables have been designed to avoid any signal loss or high capacitance. The cables are 0.25 inches thick and can protect the sound waves from outside interference or unwanted noise. The cables are perfectly shielded which allows the transfer of quality sound waves.

Each of the three cables that have been included in the pack are 6 inches long. The plugs are made of high quality materials and placed at right-angles that make them perfect for use with a pedalboard.

Most guitar and bass players know the importance of a durable cable. Cables tend to be passed around, lost or even damaged in jam sessions and they are absolutely essential for any electric guitar player. It is difficult to maintain a good cable since it changes hands almost as often as guitar picks. This is why it’s important that these cables withstand tremendous strain.

Cables don’t just need to last long, however. They need to deliver great sound as well. A live performance could come apart if the cables were to snap or allow interference. cable also need to offer the sweet spot in terms of capacitance (which is a measure of how bright the sound is). Longer cables have higher capacitance which lets less highs reach the amplifier. Shorter cables have lower capacitance which lets the instrument sound crispier.

Manufacturer agree that the sweet spot for capacitance is between 20 picofarads and 30 picofarads per foot. For comparison, Jimi Hendrix used a guitar with a coiled cable that had 3000 pF, it is considered the secret of his signature tone. With improved technology and years of data, manufacturers have concluded that the average guitarist needs a fraction of the capacitance Hendrix had to grapple with.

Over the decades, the attitude towards high quality cables have changed. What was once treated as a cheap commodity in the music industry is now invested in and carefully looked after. Improving technology and economies of scale have also helped to deliver high quality cables at reasonable prices.

The Miracle Sound Guitar Instrument Cable is the ideal accessory at the perfect price. Currently on sale on Amazon’s online store, it is priced at $9.99. Since being released the cable has already sold to customers on the site and more than 50 of them have left positive reviews on Amazon. The guitar cables now hold 4.9 stars out of 5 and are ranked #18 in the Musical Instruments > Instrument Accessories category on the site.
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