(Submit Articles) Advertising has diversified into multiple branches. Most people tend to believe visual advertising is the future of advertising. But recent studies have proved such beliefs are completely baseless. Newspaper classified advertising continues to be one of the most popular forms if not the premier form of advertising. You can reach out to a vast extent of readers when you choose to publish a classified ad in any newspaper of your choice.

What are Classified ads?

Classified ads are usually text ads published in newspapers, journals, periodicals etc. These ads may contain the contact details (phone numbers/email addresses), promotional content etc. Nowadays you can also book classified display ads. Classified display ads are pretty similar to text ads added with designer / colored boxes, designs, images and much more. Traditionally the cost of classified text ads is determined according to the number of words while the cost of display ads is calculated according to their sizes.

Mediums of booking classified ads:

Generally, you can book classified ads in all Indian Newspapers through ““

i) Newspaper advertising agents / agencies;

ii) Online classified booking agencies. Earlier these newspaper classified agencies were considered to be the primary mediums for booking classifieds in India. However with time technology has led to the rise of online classified advertising. Now anyone can book their classified ads online instantly by visiting an online classified booking agency. You can save plenty of time while booking your classified ads online via an online newspaper ads booking agency.

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