(Submit Articles) Ever wondered what mobile billboards are? Even if you’re not sure, I guarantee you’ve seen them. Mobile billboards are trailer wraps, car graphics or fleet graphics that advertise for your company. You’ve seen 18-wheelers driving past you on the highway with Shaws graphics on the side, and you’ve seen crazy looking cars going through downtown with a full car graphic, advertising for a local radio station.

Imagine utilizing your company’s trailers and fleet trucks for advertising instead of just transporting. Fleet graphics and trailer wraps are large and noticeable, and if your company needs to advertise as far as its fleet trucks and trailers travel, then what better way to advertise?

Car graphics are also noticeable and effective on the highway, but even more so in town. Covering your company cars or your own personal car in car graphics turns cruising around town or running errands into an advertising campaign. In just one afternoon, hundreds of people in their cars, on the sidewalk, in parking lots, and looking out their windows will see your car graphics. It’s impossible to spot car graphics and not take note of what the graphics are advertising.

The best part is, mobile billboards also come in the form of an actual billboard being driven down the road. Billboards that are placed in high traffic areas are a great way to advertise for your company, but what would be even better is driving a mobile billboard to select locations to target a specific audience. If you market your products to large businesses, then drive your mobile billboard through the business district! With mobile billboards, you also have the option of choosing select stopping locations where brochures, literature or product samples can be distributed. You can even house your billboard in a secured garage for future use!

Mobile billboards are still rare enough that they catch immediate attention when seen on the road. Other forms of advertising are too overdone and saturated, such as television commercials, radio ads and mailers, that people don’teven take notice anymore. The best attention grabbing ads are those which are unexpected and intriguing.

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