BragStats Provides a Platform for EVERY ATHLETE (Youth, High School, College/Elite, Weekend Warriors) to Brag About their Stats and Stay Connected with Fans and Family

Chantilly, VA, March 01, 2010 -- BragStats Guy, any athlete’s ultimate alter ego, is excited to announce the launch of BragStats (, an exciting and innovative new social networking and website portal for ANY ATHLETE of any age to record their stats, athletic and academic info, upload sports pictures and video, stay connected with fans and family and share their sports’ accomplishments! The website includes a network for athletes, teams, coaches, fans and family and allows members to create free personalized profiles and connect with their peers and family.

"Stay-at-home moms have Facebook, the business community has LinkedIn, music lovers have MySpace, but there just wasn’ta lot for athletes. So me and my crack website development team decided to do something about it... and created a revolutionary new networking site just for athletes", boasts BragStats Guy.

BragStats has four primary categories but also enables coaches and teams to brag about their team accomplishments and create personalized profiles: Juniors (ages 6-12), Varsity (high school), Pro/Elite (collegiate+), Weekend Warriors (ages 18+), Coaches (youth/club, middle/high school, college) and Teams. With over 70 million kids under the age of 18 in the United States according to the National Sports Goods Association (NSGA) and over 100 million Americans participate in amateur sports each year, BragStats aims to provide the place to go for athletes to share info, pictures/videos and connect with other athletes, coaches, fans and family. Athletes can upload individual and team accomplishments, athletic testing results (i.e. SPARQ score, 40-yard dash, etc.), academic testing/GPA, athlete photos/videos, practice/game schedules as well as training blogs. Fans and/or family can also create free profiles to follow their favorite athlete or relative.

Never one to shy away from the limelight, BragStats Guy also stakes claim to being every athlete’s alter ego, "I'm loud, proud and my stats are ripped! Sports should be fun and although I'm working on being humble... it's not easy when you look as good as me. "BragStats Guy is ready for the world to have a “Ëœcool place’ to show off their sports talents and accomplishments. "I like to brag a little, and I know there are a lot of other athletes who have good reasons to pump out their chest. BragStats is also good for the little guys to show off their stuff to grandma and grandpa."

"I believe in keeping things exciting and positive for all of my fans," says BragStats Guy. "After waiting for my IT guys to make me all pretty and pull together lots of cool features for the website (my IT guys rock, btw)... it’s finally time to start bragging! I’m ready for the world to join me in showing off their sports stats and accomplishments and network with their peers. As I say, “ËœIf you can brag it, brag it!’"

About Bragstats:
BragStats is the premier network and portal for ALL ATHLETES - Juniors (ages 6 to 12), Varsity (high school), Pro/Elite (college +) and Weekend Warriors. Keep track of your stats, personal bests/records, game photos/videos and athletic info on your own personalized athlete profile, share your sports’ accomplishments and stay connected with fans and family. Visit BragStats at Athletes and fans can also check out all of BragStats Guy’s bravado at or follow BragStats Guy on Twitter at

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