Australia is one of those countries that everyone wants to live in. Almost everyone who's thought of leaving their own country has considered migrating to Australia, and it's more than likely crossed your mind at one point or another. But what is it about Australia that makes it such a tempting prospect? And is it a good place to move or to invest in? Well it comes down to climate, the people, the way of life, the wildlife, the scenery, the real estate prices and the work“¦ not much then.

The enduring feeling that probably crosses all of our minds when thinking of Australia is that it's supposed to be an incredibly laid back way of life. This after all is the country that coined the phrase 'no worries' and the friendly term 'mate'. The image portrayed is always one of shorter working hours and a more relaxed pace of life - and in fact this image is accurate, with the place having one of the best work/life balances around making it a great place to retire to, or to head if you're feeling a bit stressed at the pace of modern life where you currently reside.

Then there's the weather, and Australia has a famously great climate all year round. This pleasant heat is partly what makes the laid back attitude what it is, and there's the opportunity to go surfing at the beach without freezing to death, to bathe topless and to sit by the pool drinking a cocktail (and with no one nagging at you to go to work or do chores - they'll all being doing the exact same thing).

The weather is then matched by the sheer variety of the scenery and the things to do. In Australia you can get thick jungle, empty planes and sprawling cities. From the great beaches to the exciting blue mountains there's something for everyone no matter what kind of scenery you enjoy. And with booming cities like Sydney there's also a wealth of entertainment for both night and day and you'll never be short of things to do or places to entertain.

This range of scenery and great weather brings with it a great range of wildlife - from crocodiles to kangaroos to large snakes and spiders. While the last two might not be perfect for everyone (while it's rare to find a spider in the toilet it can happen and might be something you want to consider if thinking of moving), the others can make for great safaris and are amazing for nature enthusiasts.

The work out there is also in abundance if you're in the right profession - for medical professionals, carpenters, builders, plumbers and other physical labourers there's a wealth of work and you can expect to get a visa and a salary fairly easy if you want to.

In terms of the Australian real estate prices you can be sure you're making a good investment. With so many people dying to move to Australia you'll be bound to sell your property fairly easily when the time comes and will also have no shortage of people wanting to rent your building for holidays and trips. While the real estate prices are fairly high in a lot of places they are all rising, and areas such as the Echo beach plots can provide fairly cheap grabs that will pay back in dividends.

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