(Submit Articles) hermes gears for the future. Paris-"the time is our best weapon, said Jean-Louis Dumas-hermes hermes, Chairman 153-year-old company."And, in an interview here, he proved hastily when he came to answer questions about the game of 35% of your company in the management of Ilona and what it means for the future relations between the designer Jean Louis Scherrer and hermes. management of Ilona is hermes formed holding this spring with Seibu-season 76.5% of Scherrer-Jean Louis Scherrer SA and Jean Louis Scherrer Boutique firms. Yqljqnmdhpxsm Dumas-hermes nature is ipercinetica, elusive in his Office, take a minute to prototypes of hermes, jewelry minute another talks about his recent meeting with King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden. Finally, however, recognized portfolio Dumas-hermes Birkin: "there is what I call an inter fertilization between Scherrer and Hermès." But for the moment I'm concentrating on free to concentrate on their creative gift of Scherrer. This is an extraordinary man. "He was design and at the same time, manage your business n7MYB8Migt. For the show which has more than 2 hours belt final hermes, which lasts 15 minutes and was a request, a plethora of hot celebrities still gathered to see the presentation of Marc Jacobs at the Armory in New York. Victoria Beckham dress changed after the Oscar de la Renta show and showed a beautiful dress and a clutch Kelly hermes in Sweden. hermes is the mark of Victoria Beckham Bag to go. In the days leading up to your order special previous hermes crocodile clutch handbags Baccara MJ show and turned to Sweden hermes Kelly purple clutch. A very flattering dress their curves (only his bust in ok), a beautiful handbag, now the only question. Enjoy the show? Making an appearance in the Oscar de la Renta 2008 Fashion Show, Victoria Beckham spring demonstrated his sense of style in NYC a force that cannot be denied. Leaving his large glasses, Victoria Beckham seated row first order that special clutch Baccara crocodile hermes show. Victoria is known for having the links of hermes collection which would any fashionista weak in the knees. Bring your order special clutch black hermes crocodile, hand candy was more attractive than its tone, the legs of the tonic and portamento intact. For those of you who have or who want to, there is a great article on artisans behind hermes in Vanity Fair. The price of a Birkin starting at $ 7,000 autour xzdymddzmfx now, many people request why label big price. Artisans work meticulously on each Birkin, spending between 18 and 25 hours of creation. Paris laboratories produced five only per week, which are then distributed around the world. Now, it is logical, because waiting lists are so long. However, luxury prices continue to go up to the roof. People seem to have no problem spending more than $1000 for a bag, that two years seemed steep. A bag of $2,500 is the new scholarship of $1,000. When you are finished? There are almost two centuries, that a Royal Coronation could delay until the arrival of their bodies, sewn exquisite transport like that hermes store today still far more rich women must wait a hermes Birkin bag exquisite couture. NEW YORK ““ hermes plans her perfume wholesale consolidation its ready-to-wear and shops open Division over in the program of intensification of the company whose headquarters is in Paris to build your business at .fournit United States a solid very cautious, but it will be slow, "said Jean-Louis Dumas-hermes, President of hermes".We do not play with the leading figures. "We quickly into the American market."Although sales of the United States are not impressive, hermes has increased since 1985, when you implement an array of strategies, including new stores and boutiques in files - including Barneys New York and Dan Duskin - and mailing.Sources say combined retail and in bulk to the United States myhermes was $ 24 million in 1987. It is hoped that he hit 35 million at the end of this year and 50 million from $ for two years. It represents 35% of wholesale. Worldwide, hermes has 210 million in revenues last year. With the French company of the family with an s

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