Your business card is an important print material that you will use for social networking as well as in business marketing. Never underestimate the power of business cards as these can pave the way for business transactions, increased sales, and brand recognition. As these have been tried and tested, business cards have been a de rigueur, a de facto tool of businessmen who want to expand their reach and explore many possibilities. You will never see a businessman without his card! As every social encounter can be a business opportunity, enterprising individuals always have them handy.

So if you are just starting an enterprise, business card printing should be on your to-do list. Before you even produce promotional materials for your project, you should already have your own set of business cards. Do not worry; business card printing can be a breeze. Beginners would not have a hard time making their own cards if they just take into consideration the basic guidelines. You need not to be proficient in design software, too. As long as you have a working knowledge on how to point, click, and drag, you can make your own business cards through the use of your desktop computer.

Here are some guidelines on business card printing for beginners:

- Make use of a design template. There are design templates for business cards that are available over the internet. You can browse through design websites that offer free templates. Browse through their selections and choose one that suits your taste or preference. Once you have decided on a design template, download it to your personal computer. Aside from getting design templates over the internet, you can also use one from computer programs, such as Microsoft Publisher.

- Do the necessary editing. Design templates can come with a logo, text, framing, and picture, among others. Change the content of the design template with the information and available materials you have. Put your name and contact information, such as fax number, email address, and website. Change the logo with your own. You can also alter the background color, if there is any, to match with your logo. You can also include your picture to foster easy recognition as well as your business slogan.

- Print a test page. In order to make sure that all the information you provided are correct and that the formatting, balance, and aesthetic components are set, you need to do a test print. This will allow you to make the necessary changes even before you proceed with mass printing. Once you are done with re-editing, save the final revision on your computer. Make sure that you have a soft copy so that you can do a reproduction if you need further copies of your business cards.

Once you are finished with the test print and file saving, go on with the production of your business cards. Always use quality paper and ink, so that you can have quality print materials. Cut the business cards. Make sure the length and width are uniformly even. Now, you can distribute your business cards and spread the buzz around.

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