postcaOne of the best things to use for direct mail marketing is color postcards. Postcard printing is usually easy to produce, easy to manage and of course very easy to send immediately. Now, before you go full force however with your postcard printing, you should know first about a few pitfalls that many direct mail marketers encounter. In this lesson especially for you, I will teach you about the dangers to avoid in postcard marketing.

1. Accidentally creating offending postcards – One of the first things I want to teach you about is to avoid creating offending color postcards. This has happened more than once in the history of direct mailing marketing campaigns to the detriment of those who produced them. Usually, this happens because of the lack of market research when creating color postcards for marketing. Sometimes, a certain demographic will like a certain design for color postcards, while at the same time a different demographic will absolutely abhor it.

That is why you should always be careful and take time in creating your postcards for marketing. Do your research and make sure that your postcards have a universal appeal that is acceptable to all. Only in this way can you make sure that you do not accidentally offend people with your marketing postcards.

2. Becoming a "spammer" or "junk mailer" – Another big thing that you should avoid in postcard direct mail marketing is to become a spammer or a sender of junk mail. Many direct mail marketers can get overboard with their distribution of postcards, flooding certain locations with postcard after postcard. While this certainly attracts attention, it will also lessen the impact of each of the marketing color postcards, turning them into junk mail. When this happens, no one will really read those postcards, directly throwing them away in the process.

To avoid this from happening to you, you should try to have a proper schedule of distribution for your postcard direct mailing. Do not send your postcards every day or every week at the same location. Try to pace your distribution in bi-monthly or monthly intervals so that people donâ€â„¢t get tired of your postcards easily. Moreover, always change your design in each of those batches to always keep your direct mail marketing message fresh.

3. Bad quality postcard printing – Finally, one of the biggest things you should avoid in direct mail marketing is to go with bad quality postcard printing. I know that you might be trying to save some money for your business. However, that is no excuse to print bad quality print postcards that easily deteriorate within a few days. A marketing postcard must always look good while lasting a long time if you want it to succeed in its purpose. Otherwise, you will be wasting more money. So make sure you invest in the best materials and inks for your postcard printing.

So those are the primary dangers that you should avoid in direct mailing using color postcards. Keep your wits about you and you wonâ€â„¢t have to worry about your direct mail marketing campaign.

Brent Durell is a marketing officer who writes articles about online printing, direct mail services and other postcard marketing campaign projects for business needs.
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