As a psychic with over 20 years experience I repeatedly get asked for advice on whether a person's partner is having an affair.

Now if you're asking this question you know down have a gut feeling something is not right and you either are in denial or you can't really put your finger on it but something feels different with your relationship.

You will be glad to know that many affairs you think are happening are actually just misread signs however on occasions affairs do happen and you may well need some support to get you through this difficult period.

Common Signs That May Suggest An Affair

Is your partner more secretive with their phone calls or emails?

Do they no longer take their phone with them when they are with you?

Have they recently started clearing their history folder of their internet searches?

Are they working more frequently however becoming more difficult to get a hold of by telephone?

Has a new friend or hobby suddenly taking up a lot more of their time?

Are they working away from home more frequently?

Are your credit cards bills being hidden from you?

Does there seem to be less money in your bank accounts?

Are the phone bills suddenly being handled by them and you do not see the numbers being calls?

Has your partner suddenly take to dressing better or taking more interest in their appearance?

Is your partner paying less attention to you, may be less affectionate or passionate?

Now you would think that these are very strong indications of an affair however they may not be it is possible your partner has another reason for such behavior. They be under stress financially or emotionally, may be feeling depressed, have health issues or self esteem issues or any number of other reason.

So do not jump to conclusions, changing partner could radically alter your life. A change me be the right thing, it may be something you can work through, it may you have just misread the signs and you need an intuitive perspective. However when you are not really sure the best advise is seek as second opinion then talk to your partner.

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