(Submit Articles) The opportunity is unknown when it comes up.The index clambered slowly last week as if an effeminate boy facing a stunted tree. Luckily, my holding fain capered without any revelation beforehand. It has told me its propensity through its emissary on a galloway though the emissary just innuendoed me. watches I believed that it didn’tintend to beguile me nor trail me off as I had empowered it to wager for me. The market won’tget better or upturn soon because it is precarious. Petulance should be forbidden. Anyhow my wealth has been reinstated outright and I am not a reprover at all.

To tell the truth, the soil of the stock market is luxuriant and mossy now. The incipient opportunity is recluse and even culpable as it always teases impertinent persons. Most people fear the comminations and resign or quit without taking a peep of the market. They express antipathy to the peremptory market and nobody can propitiate them or relieve their rankling. As a matter of fact, the market has an indisposition and will recovers sooner or later.

I realize this even if I don’tknow physiognomy but the precept.ed hardy for sale I will staunchily hold the riband of the excellent shares and wait until the good news is enacted. Strictly speaking, the above is not a story at all but a practice to remember new words and expressions by heart. My idea is to throw out a minnow to catch a whale. I’d like to know if there is any friend who can compose a story with the same expressions better than I do. I am going to write in english today. from now on, I will write some words every day on this WEB. today is rain day.the football world cup is begain.needs 60 words,so i must write enough,need to write so many words is a problem to me.because I am not good at talking.I think I need to say much and much at follow days. if some one has good advices also can reply to me.it will be good for improve my english level.I think now will be enough words to sumbit it.

Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 premium first I want to thank for Markli in today's diary . I learned the saying " the early bird cathes worm" from his blogs . I think I certainly fit the bill these morning . this morning I am a early bird , although I don't need to work . left home at six am and went to the park to repeat english . last week when I was at the english corner , I did not feel more at home . I think the reason is I don't speak more these days , because the weather . It's raining cats and dogs in the morning everyday. So I did not go outside the house to practise . I think maybe I made some excuses for not going to learn . Last night , I made my mind that no matter how I will get up earlier to learn .It seems the weather understand me , the weather is fine in the morning . It's not hot and not cold , the right temperature for our body .COACH Wallets in the park , I think I am crazy , I repeated english as loudly and cheerfully as I was arguing with some one . I like that feeling , sometimes I like driving myself crazy . Like LIYANG said , you are crazy so that you can get anywhere . I try make myself crazy in english , but I can not .

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