Kidney stones are related with the painful disorders due to stones in the kidney or urinary tract. The formation of stones is due to the deposition of crystals of calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, uric acid and cystine. Usually urine contains some natural substance which helps in dissolving the minerals and thus prevents them from becoming into solids. In some cases due to dehydration these salts remain undissolved and result into crystallization. The size of these stones varies in size. It varies from grit, sand, and gravel. Sometimes it may be up to the size of a bird's egg. Gradually the stones form and grow due to the concentration of a particular substance in the urine. Usually kidney stones are more common in males in comparison to female and generally it affects the people of middle age.

Stones may appear in the following form -

1. Oxalate stone - It is spiny, hard and rough
2. Uric acid stone - It is hard and brown
3. Phosphate stone - It is white, soft and chalky

Some of the important symptoms of kidney -

1. Frequent desire to urinate
2. Painful urination
3. Scanty urination
4. Feeling of severe pain in passing down the ureter
5. Nausea, sweating, vomiting and chills
6. Sometimes passes little blood with the urine

Some of the important causes of kidney stones -

1. Overeating
2. Improper diet
3. Insufficient intake of fluids
4. Lack of vitamin A
5. Defects in the metabolism
6. Excess intake of sugar products and white flour, meat, tea, coffee, condiments and spices
7. Excessive intake of vitamin D and acid forming foods

Kidney stone can be cured by natural home remedies -

1. Make a habit to eat apples regularly. It is very effective natural remedy for preventing the problem of kidney stones.

2. Take a glass of juice of fresh tomato by adding a pinch of pepper and salt in every morning. It is very effective natural remedy to treat kidney stone.

3. Some beans like kidney beans are very effective remedy for the treatment of kidney stone. First step is to remove the beans from inside the pods and after that slice the pods and mix about 60 grams of it in four liter of hot water and allow it to boil slowly for six hours. Then strain the mixture in piece of muslin without stirring it. Drink this glass of liquid for every two hours in a day. It should be taken several times in a week. It is very effective natural home remedy for kidney stones.

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