If anyone has got skin burn then he or she may have to suffer from a horrible pain. The sensation of burning is such a horrible that it requires immediate solution or at least first aid also works a lot for this problem. You don’thave to think about any medicine. You have to act fast and find a couple of effective remedies for burns. But you must be cautious about using any of the remedies as some remedies leave the scar on the skin and it gives an ugly appearance. So go for the home remedy which is effective and good in all respect.

Some of the popular remedies for burns -

1. Diluted vinegar is very effective for the treatment of burns. It is luckily available in all the house. Take a cloth and soak it in diluted vinegar of any kind and cover the injured area with the soaked cloth. It relaxes the burns and also reduces the pain. If the person suffering from burn increases the pain then compress for a fresh diluted vinegar soaked cloth. As per requirement refresh the vinegar.

2. Another home remedy as well as first aid for burn is lavender essential oil. You can put some neat lavender essential oil onto the burned skin area. It is an effective remedy to reduce the problem due to burn. It is an effective antiseptic as well as it also kills the pain due to burn. It promotes the rapid healing as well as reduces the pain also. One more positive thing is that application of lavender on burn leaves no scar. If the burn is larger than dip the gauze or cloth in the lavender oil and apply to the burn. After every few hours the cloth or gauze must be renewed.

3. If anyone suffers from burn than aloe vera proves to be very effective home remedy. For the first aid due to burn slice off a small piece of the fleshy leaf of aloe vera, open it and on the burn apply the fresh sap directly. It acts fabulous for skin burns as aloe vera has astringent and also tissue healing properties. So many people grow an aloe vera plant in the sunny kitchen window.

4. Application of honey wax immediately on the burn site is also very effective.

5. The very common method to reduce the sensation of burning is to dip the burnt region in cold water for at least 2-3 minutes or you can apply some ice also.

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