How ketone levels are related to the Atkins diet

26 Sep

Consumers might have probably encountered the Atkins diet being associated with ketone test strips. As a matter of fact, the Atkins diet is among the programs that HealthyWiser’s ketone testing strips support.

But how does the Atkins diet relate to ketone levels? The official website of the Atkins diet shared some details on these relationships.

The Atkins diet reportedly has four phases in the approach. These processes include finding the balance in the carbohydrates, lifetime maintenance and lipolysis. The website pointed out that it is in the phase of lipolysis that ketones come into play.

“How does lipolysis work? Lipolysis simply means that you’re burning your fat stores and using them as the source of fuel they were meant to be. The by-products of burning fat are ketones. When your body releases ketones—which it will do in your breath and your urine—it is chemical proof that you’re consuming your own stored fat,” the website noted.

The more ketones are released from the body, the more that the person dissolves fat. This helps in losing weight when taking the Atkins diet plan. The HealthyWiser ketone test strips then account for the changes in ketone levels.

“When a person on a safe, controlled carbohydrate plan such as Atkins is releasing ketones, he or she is in the fat-dissolving state of lipolysis. This process is simply the most efficient path ever devised for getting you slim,” the website added.

HealthyWiser’s ketone testing strips and Atkins diet plan

HealthyWiser provides the ketone testing strips for people who want to know their ketone levels. The company offers a package that contains urinalysis test strips that let also let customers gauge improvements when taking the Atkins diet.

A compact container comes along with the package, plus a comprehensive ketone chart that consumers can use as references. The ketone testing strips also come with a Keto Diet digital material upon purchase. This electronic material contains a seven-day Keto diet program complete with a Keto food guide to supplement the Atkins diet.

“I purchased these HealthyWiser Ketone Test Strips to test my ketone levels for use with my modified Atkins diet. I’ve been using these ketone strips for a few days and so far they work great,” a customer shared on Amazon.

About the company

HealthyWiser has been providing products in the 21st century for personal health, wellness, and beauty. This company is a reputable name in the United States market that also offers pH test strips, digital pH meter, water testing kits, professional nail care system and more. For more information about the ketone test strips, visit their Amazon page.

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