The Atkins diet plan and dinner recipes for best results

26 Sep

The official website of the Atkins diet program shared a dinner recipe that can be prepared in just around 10 minutes. The official website of the Atkins diet program shared a dinner recipe that can be prepared in just around 10 minutes.

The Ancho Macho Chili recipe is perfect for those on the go. The Atkins diet and this recipe can be great for any dinner, either with the family or by yourself.

To start making the Ancho Macho Chili, prepare beef top sirloin, salt, black pepper and virgin olive oil. Other ingredients include onions, chili powder, garlic, red table wine and red tomatoes.

Begin by heating the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, start to toss the beef around with the salt and pepper mixture. In a Dutch oven, heat around one and a half teaspoon of oil over high heat as the website suggested. Add around a third of the beef and cook on all sides for around five minutes.

The remaining five minutes should be spent by transferring it into the bowl and repeat the process with the beef and oil. Add chopped onions over the preheated oven with the oil. Wait until the onions are light brown. After this, add the tomatoes, garlic, wine and chili powder. Once simmered, get back the beef to absorb the juices inside the oven. Cover and wait until baked for around two and a half hours until the beef becomes tender. Then, the dish is ready to serve.

Preparation time of this Atkins diet recipe takes 10 minutes, and the baking time is excluded.

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