For those of you who have never traveled for business and even for those who have the following is a check list of things to consider when traveling for business.


The first thing is to be very clear of where you are going dates and times.

Find out your companies travel policy for spending limits, travel agency to use, etc.

Make sure you have all your documents in order, identification, passport, visa etc. and have a portfolio to put it in so everything is together and you are not searching at the last minute.

Have an itinerary planned and the people you are seeing notified of your travel arrangements.

Have everything that you need to make your trip successful. It should be thoroughly organized. You want to make sure your meetings go very smoothly.

Bring enough business cards.

Pack light but make sure your clothes are professional and in good repair.

If you can try to limit your luggage to something you can put in the overhead on a plane.

Do what you can to make your flight as comfortable as possible. Slippers, a neck pillow, something to read all help to make you feel as fresh as possible for your meetings.

Put “away messages “on your phone and computer and designate someone to back you up at your office while you are away.

Take a manila envelop with you for your receipts and as you spend write the date and expense on your envelop. Do your expenses as soon as you get home so your accounting department isn’tchasing you for your expense report.

Finally visualize your trip successfully completed. Traveling for business is always good for your career. Do everything you can to insure it’s victory.

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