Luxury goods are luxurious not because of their high prices. Says Ms. Vanessa Ribes, LVMH’s HR Development Manager for Asia Pacific region:“A high price doesn’tsuggest this commodity is luxury. Behind a luxury is the support of a system, which results from a culture of several decades or a hundred years.“
The brand ofLouis Vuittonis founded in 1854, and the first job of its founding father is to do the packing for aristocracy when they go on a journey. He has witnessed the invention of steam train, the development of steamboat transportation, and at the same time he has fully understood the difficulty of folding a trunk with round covers. A century has past; the canvas bag bearing the unique intertwined LV logo has become a fashion classic together with its legendary tales and elegant designs. In the past hundred years, the world has changed a lot, and people’s pursuit and aesthetic perceptions have also changed accordingly, but Louis Vuitton still enjoys fantastic reputation and well maintains its unique charm.
LV Designer History
The survival concept of creativity and leading the fashion trend promotes the professionalization of a brand, and the industrialized production concept promotes the brand to the world. Today, Louis Vuitton has 56,000 employees working on different positions around the world, and 64% of them are from countries outside France. According to Ms. Vanessa Ribes, marketing and sales staff occupy 50% of the positions offered by LV group, while production staff makes up 36%, and supporting staff and management staff take the remaining 14%.

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