(Submit Articles) The Chinese system of medicine advocates the use of ginger for alleviating joint pain. Ginger oil mixed with almond oil when rubbed on to painful joints is an excellent pain reliever. Ginger tea is equally good if taken daily and so is 500 mg ginger supplement capsule if taken three times a day. Ginger reduces the prostaglandin production in the body which is responsible for the sensation of pain and that's how it works.

Drinking Papaya seed tea 6-7 times a day for several weeks is another remedy. So is eating bananas or drinking carrot juice, apple cider vinegar or even plain water. Remember liquids and juices like pineapple juice helps keep the joints moving freely. Lemon juice plus honey mixed in warm water and taken in the morning is an effective remedy. Drinking equal parts of carrot and lemon juice is also a remedy. Yet another remedy is fresh potato juice taken in the morning.

Try exercising the normal way or swim around the pool as that you can improve joint mobility besides strengthening the muscles around the joint. For relieving pain from rheumatoid arthritis, deep breathing exercises, meditation, and Tai chi have been found to be effective. Regular exercise keeps the joints lubricated, improves blood circulation and prevents gout besides controlling body weight.

Eat healthy and balanced low carbohydrate diet with more of whole grains, leafy green vegetables and fruits; take less of tea, coffee, carbonated liquors, and sugar. Cut down on fat content in your diet. Spice your diet with herbs like white willow, devil's claw, and turmeric which have anti inflammatory properties. Avoid eggplants, potatoes and pepper that could add to the inflammation. But add plenty of turmeric and garlic as seasonings.

Since our body does not make omega-3 fatty acids take food like fish or fish oil capsules that contains this essential micronutrient which has natural anti inflammatory properties. Food containing omega-3 fatty acids not only reduces joint pain and stiffness, but also improves cardiovascular health. Nowadays animals are not fed on grass but on grain which means the chicken and beef we eat do not have omega-3 fatty acids as it used to have before. So eating fish is the only option to get these anti inflammatory nutrients that could do a world of good to your joint pain. Herbal supplements such as Rumatone Gold Oil and Capsules are found very effective in getting relief from joint pain and stiffness naturally.

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