Nike today announced that Kevin Durant will have a trip to china from Jun 2,the future star who was just crowned with scoring champion will go to beijing,Chengdu and shanghai,he will be to meet Chinese fans,and encourage them throw into training body and soul,and realize the hoop dreams this summer.
The youngest ever scoring champion of NBA, averaging 30 ppg,as the representative of the cenozoic small forwards,the advent of the excellent model Kevin Durant will bring a lively basketball elementary class to the teenager who want to play basketball in summer .
â€Å“Hard work does wonders.â€Âour coach said to me,also it has become my motto, as he suggests,meet the hard training,he never shrink back from beginning to end,he has the remarkable basketball skill and the ability of mastery the over situation.
â€Å“This is my first time to come to Beijing,Chengdu and shanghai,I am really very excited.â€Â Durant said,â€Å“I am looking forward to see the Chinese fans who show their basketball skill,and also hope can share my inspiration and devotion about basketball to them,encourage them to continuous progress.
Kevin Durant aged only one-and-twenty,but he has won innumerable respect of the fans, Despite of that,the much-loved youngster remained humility throughout.By the coming tour of china, Durantâ€â„¢s dedicated and impelling force to basketball will deep down within many Chinese young fans,and became an example for him.
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