Electric Boilers

Electric heating boilers can replace the more conventional heating systems. They are installed for use with radiators and baseboard heaters. They are silent, compact and can run off inexpensive grade electricity. Since they are small, they can relatively fit any size home or office.

With an electric boiler, there is no unpleasant dry air. Heat is distributed evenly and uniformed from floor to ceiling by water being passed through elements to be heated. There is no combustion so this unit will not manufacture carbon monoxide. The boiler can be attached to a general service or an interuptible rate. When combined off-peak rates, the system is very efficient and cost-effective. The electric boiler is designed to protect the pex tubing from overheating.

Some of the standard features included with electric boiler system are: internal control module, element staging, heavy duty contractors, pressure relief valve, pump relay contact, load control interrupt, unique return water sensor and logic, optional plumbing kit and a 2-year product warranty.

Electric boilers can come in mini, midsize and TS. They are self-contained and operate separately of a central heating system. The boiler has a complete control and regulation system that allows the purchaser to choose his/her settings. Depending on the size, the unit can be installed in a day and they are easy to service.

Varying types of electric boilers can be found online. For example, E-comfortusa.com offers a wide variety of electric boilers ranging from mini to mid-size to TS. The TS and the mid-size are designed to maintain various temperatures. These boilers can maintain the correct temperature by using only the elements needed for producing heat for a given area. The units also carry very satisfactory warranties with them; some as much as 2 years for parts, 20 years for the heating element and 20 years for the vessel.

If going green and saving money is the objective, then purchasing an electric boiler would be the perfect choice.

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