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Internet success story Art2arts keeps itself on top with new batch of landscapes

Hampshire, United Kingdom, September 14th, 2010 ““ Internet art supply sensation Art2arts (www.art2arts.co.uk) has just revealed its autumn/winter collection of landscape art paintings. The paintings, which are available only from the Art2arts site, carry on the website’s practice of selecting only the best in original art from a wide range of styles and sources. Classic “Old Master“ style paintings share site space with some excellent examples of modern landscape work, including some wonderful pictures by artist Rob Soar; and a series of woodland scenes that recall the best of early 20th century modernist work.

Art2arts founder, Michelle Gibbs, knows what it means to be a quality artist in need of a place to sell. Her current selection of landscape art paintings has been made according to her usual high standards ““ standards she fostered and developed during a career selling her own work into galleries. Her own experience of the gallery world has given her unparalleled contacts in the industry ““ a bonus that has seen Art2arts quickly gain a solid reputation for sourcing and supplying some of the best original art in the world. The site’s mission statement is simple: sell only original artwork of real quality. It’s worked well ““ both collectors and dealers alike frequent the site, as well as public customers looking for some reasonably priced and totally unique landscape art paintings to put on their walls.

The site allows visitors to search by style, size, artist, colour and price. It’s a completely different way of doing things than the traditional gallery based art sales ““ giving the power of choice back into the hands of the customer. If the increase in reputation and sales the site has enjoyed is anything to go by, it’s a way that has met with some success. For more information, visit www.art2arts.co.uk/sun-/-sea-/-landscapes/landscapes/cat_64.html

About Art2arts
Art2arts is a website sourcing and supplying original artworks including landscape art paintings. They also deal in other types of paintings including contemporary art work.

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Name: Art2Arts
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Visit the Author's website: http://www.art2arts.co.uk/sun-/-sea-/-landscapes/landscapes/cat_64.html