Show what you got. If you are not presenting what you have to offer your customers, you run the risk that they disappear from your page. And that would be a shame. Especially when you're able to offer what they seek. A nice clear product detail page is a must. What to pay attention to when making your product detail page?

1. Clarity on your product detail page!

It seems obvious, but make sure your product detail page is about the product you want to bring to the attention. Be clear! Yet there are many product detail page online that are messy, not up to date and not user-friendly. Clarity is key.

Therefore provide all information about the product in a clear and readable form. There are enough product pages, where you as a visitor are trying to find a needle in a hay stag. Therefore, work with tables and a clear menu selection.

Look as if you were the visitor to your own product detail page. Do you see immediately what the page is about? How long do you view the information before you've found what you're looking for?

If you do not find what you're looking for within three seconds, you will click away. And that is what the visitor of your product detail page will do too. So be sure you provide the information that is logically to expect of a page about this product.

2. Be aware of differences in visitor wishes

Be aware that the visitor might not immediately want to order and needs further information or would like to compare the product with another product that you also have on your pages. Give the possibility to click over there and make sure that option is also seen.

The visitor that is looking for something slightly different, must see the click-through option, within those three seconds to see, otherwise he is leaving your page. So do not make him search for the information!

3. Where do you click on what?

Clarity is important. Especially when it is about the visitor’s wish to purchase the product or do some other action, which corresponds exactly to why you have created the product detail page. Make sure that it is easy and obvious where to click. And make clicking a logical consequence of what you show before.

Do not make it hard for your customer to find the button, a bad example is to put that click-through option at the bottom of the page so that the visitor has to scroll all the way down. And make sure the button stand out and cannot be missed. Even if someone does not read text on the page.

4. What if the visitor wants to order?

Ensure that the visitor sees a transparent page when he clicks the button to order. Nothing is more annoying than being willing to buy something but not knowing how to. So make the ordering procedure very clear and if possible, not too long.

You could include options to select on the product detail page already. This tells the customer all you have to offer and he can see the various options without leaving the page. You can also give the option to calculate the price, to avoid any surprises for your client at the end of the ordering process.

What is a good example of a product detail page?
Most of the information mentioned above is very logical. Yet it remains difficult to view your own page from the perspective of a visitor. Therefore it can be very useful to view a product detail page which is well made.
Three good examples are the product detail pages on the KPN site: check out the HTC Desire , HTC legend and the blackberry pingen page to get a good feel.

You obtain a lot of information on the page. But it is easy to scan. It is clear where to click, if you want to order, but also if you want to view other models. And you have the opportunity to click on different subscriptions in order to decide what is important to you.

What is important for a good product detail page, summarized:
- Make clear the page is for the product where the product detail page is about.
- Meet the expectations of visitors to your page, even if he has another wish.
- Make sure the click-through option is easy to find and stands out.
- Make the ordering process fast and transparent.
Elke Vermeulen HTC Desire

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