How can we choose the suitable mbt shoes, first of all look at the appearance, because of that if the shoes styles you do not like, then how you can feel the comfortable feeling bring by the shoes, after you have your favorite style, then you can do as following:
When you buy a pair of shoes, the most important issue is that if the shoes are suitable for you, though many people said that this pair of shoes is very well, if you do not wear it to feel the feelings then you do not know weather it suitable for you, so when youbuy mbt shoes I want you can have a try before you buy it, many people may feel it inappropriate after buy it, if you can note it at the beginning, then you can avoid much trouble, you must pay attention to the fit between soles and uppers, notice that whether the glue average, in general if you cannot see the traces of glue then itâ€â„¢s could have good working, if the uppers are shaped around glue marks, that would be a worse one.
Also hand button is not easy to open plastic. Otherwise open to wear long rubber shoes, and glue the color should be white and transparent (except for black shoes and dark, if dark that is a transparent black), if there is yellow or other colors do not buy, because there are some shoe factories to cut costs, the use of harmful glue containing three stupid and paste mixture, affect the environment will affect the health firmly resisted. Materials used for the uppers, we may pay attention to what is the skin.
The overall structure is upper, midsole, outsole. Identify material non-professionals: The end usually rubber outsole, rubber total understanding of it, and the bottom layer of shoes. The middle layer is called the bottom, so EVA material from the outside, it is the kind of angular, as it should be by cutting Pouching, less smoother and very light, shoes must be the lightest. The case of IP / PHOLOY two out from the mold, no edges, EVA difference between this and what, as they have been low. There is also a PU (usually plus a cushion), you can recognize at a glance, the weight than the IP / PH / EVA heavier. Having said that, I think you should be able to distinguish one about the.
To see whether the top of the shoes is round along? Compared the tow shoes that if it is consistent and roundness, toe high and low, as the shoes toe is the face to the shoes, if too much difference will affect the image. Braving the big toe is it, what the problems will protest (toe hurts the top or blistering). Of course, you can see the toe of the needle (that is two lines) is not very uniform. It can also see the MBT Voi. Look back on arc (that is followed by the above) to see the end of that arc smoother Why if the distortion of the tip, then do not buy, and wear some foot play.

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