This year’s ‘King of The Road’ survey of professional truck drivers, like the ones from the Transport Exchange group, has shown that drivers are becoming more environmentally friendly and embracing new technology more than ever.

The survey, now in its ninth year, gathers feedback from drivers on their favourite brands, the technology they use and the eco-friendly habits they pick up on their journeys. This year’s survey shows that drivers are pulling their weight when it comes to looking after the environment: more than half the drivers recycle their aluminium, glass, plastic and other waste that they pick up along their way, 38 percent are making an effort to reuse drink containers and 33 percent are taking advantage of reusable grocery bags. Other ways drivers are staying green include using generators on the road, and biodiesel fuel, used as a low carbon alternative.

On the technological front, the survey reported that 66 percent of drivers use smartphones whilst on the road, a 6 percent increase from the previous year and a record level of usage amongst drivers. In terms of preferred brands of technology, the majority of drivers preferred the same brand of smartphone as the year before. Drivers also report using the same wireless network whilst on the road.

The survey also went on to report an overall increase in the usage of email communication and internet usage, with three quarters of drivers regularly checking emails and websites such as Transport Exchange daily whilst on the road. Overall internet usage has risen, with 84 percent of drivers now using the internet daily, and social networking has increased with 56 percent checking various social networking sites on a daily basis. Overall the survey reports a record level of both eco-friendly behaviour and usage of technology by drivers on the road.

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