You juggle many daily duties as a working professional and it may seem almost impossible to fit in education to pursue a fulfilling, lucrative career in real estate. With online distance learning, you can take real estate classes at your own time and pace rather than having to attend scheduled classes. Because distance learning is so flexible and convenient, the Washington Post reports that by 2008, one in ten students pursuing higher education will be enrolled in an online learning program.

Imagine moving mountains to make money in real estate. Selling land, selling houses, listing houses for sale and determining the value of homes are a sampling of the exciting professions available in real estate. Distance learning courses are offered online in several areas of the real estate profession, such as

Real Estate salesperson or brokers license.

To sell houses, land or other real property, you need a real estate license. This course will prepare you for the licensing exam with courses in forms of ownership, recordation, rights and interests in land, license law, agency, rules and regulations, contracts, closings and closing costs, sellers net, leases, title transfer, finance, appraisal, Fair Housing and taxes. At the end of the required course, you can take the final exam with a proctor, such as a librarian. A student who passes the final exam is qualified to take the State Real Estate Licensing Examination to work in real estate sales. Students may also pursue a brokers license after performed as a salesperson. A real estate broker is allowed to transact business for their own company and employ other people who hold a real estate license.

Real Estate courses to prepare for exams.

If you are anxious about taking state examinations to become a real estate salesperson or a real estate broker, you can take preparation courses online prior to the big test. Preparation courses traditionally offer practice questions, activities to help you remember the material covered in the course, a list of relevant real estate terms and basic tips for taking an exam. These courses are not a requirement to take the real estate examination but they help to put many students at ease about taking the test.

Real Estate courses to meet continuing education requirements.

When you earn you real estate license, continuing education is required to maintain the license and qualify for renewal. Distance learning gives busy real estate professionals a chance to fulfill these necessary continuing education requirements while they continue to earn money.

Real Estate courses in home inspection

Real estate inspectors educate buyers about the physical condition of a perspective home to assist them in making a wise decision. Inspectors ensure a home is suitable to reside in and does not violate local laws according to the guidelines of the National Association of Home Inspectors NAHITM. The online course in real estate inspection teaches you the basic standards of performance for a residential home inspection written report.

Real Estate courses in appraisal.

Requirements for appraisers vary from state to state but all students basically have to complete certain courses and pass a state licensing examination. Real estate appraisers decide the value of a home based on its condition, amenities and the current market value of similar homes in the area.

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