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Publishing articles to different sites as well as taking free reprint articles from article directories are being looked at with scare by a lot, just because they fear the search engine penalization myth. There are popular websites that contain duplicate content and are not penalized for it news aggregators, forums, community blogs, etc... and the list goes on and on. News sites are a prime example of how complicated the process is for search engines ““ add to that the fact that a lot of people prefer reposting articles from other websites and you’ll realize what search engines already know ““ duplicate content in itself is not bad. Ofcourse sites may get penalzed, if the site only contains scraped content or is an exact replica of another site in every aspect. But copied content mixed with originals in entirely different presentation is visible on prominent and successful sites. Our free article directory provides clear reviews and articles about general interest life issues. Through comparisons, recommendations, case studies and useful news, select articles allows nonprofits to take the best decisions that will help them be more effective. Our vision is to centralize all of this information into a website that provides authoritative and comprehensive information.

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