It’s no news if a new service is offered for first time fresh on internet. No matter how good or revolutionary it is, it’s taken for granted that it will come on net.

Whether a great digital eBook that tells you how to become a mystery shopper & earn $10-$125 every time you shop in a mall or eat in your favorite restaurant.
You just found out, if you click you can upload and edit your image document instantly from your laptop or PC 24x7, just for few cents a page online.

Its new gen business ““ welcome to the world of internet!

A world where business takes place between two unknown parties who never meet, in different time zones, don’tknow each other at all, speak different languages not even sure if either is genuine. In a world of insecurity, uncertainty and across nations. Yet in the midst of all this you conduct genuine business, you are sure you are buying your services from a reliable party, not being ripped off, payment is safe, and your credit information in secure hands. How?

Welcome to world of Paypal!

Paypal is truly one of most modern, high tech, safe and the easiest services for you to use on internet today. Paying for services is as easy as sending an email to someone you know. If you buy something thats delivered online, whole process of paying and delivery is instant, in 24x7 comfort of your home or office across the planet.

In this high quality payment system you don't give out your credit card account details to a merchant you buy your services from. An extra measure of safety your information is kept in high security & you can pay in any way you prefer - credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing your financial information. Each transaction shows up immediately online so you can reconcile and manage cash flow much more easily.

PayPal ( is absolutely FREE for customers or consumers. In fact, each new personal or business sign-up can earn a $5 new account bonus.

Proof of pudding is in eating!

Make sure to use your $5.0 wisely, use it to test PayPal pay process for yourselves ““ Open a Free account at Paypal then click register and buy $5.0 worth of credits, then upload a scanned document, convert & edit.

And if you still have issues and concerns we are here to help! - give us a call or email [email protected]

Rakesh Mathur, is CEO of JVIS (JV Info Solutions Pty Ltd), says “We have brought this new service online as a simple Do-It-Yourself solution for anyone to extract information from images or paper from his/her desk or laptop at low cost and safe payment at the site“ Click or you can contact [email protected]

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